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All you need is grit, heart, and quality activewear clothing to make the difference you want to see happen within you.
Cleopatra VII Inc. began its journey of redefining women’s lifestyle clothing in 2021. Our mission is to help you tap into your inner strength as a woman and use your will and passion to bring out the most stunning version of yourself inside and outside the gym.

We strive to let you know it is possible… if you have the heart to make it happen

1. Scientifically Designed

We work with world-class textile engineers to create elegant, performance-tested, high-tech fabrics that are non-toxic, quickly-drying, body-shaping, soft on the skin, durable and high-quality. Creating the perfect activewear clothing piece takes great attention to the entire process. From the moment you put ‘our garments on, the entire time you have them on, up until the time the piece is inside the washing machine. Our innovative techniques for creating beautiful and super comfortable women's activewear is what makes us stand out from the competition.

2. Ultra Modern

The last year has profoundly shaped the way we look at exercise and we're here to bring you the latest and trendiest pieces of gym clothes. Our mission is to redefine how you train. By consistently adding new leggings, tops, yoga Pants, and more to our collection, we're fostering a world where women are free to choose what they want to wear to the gym and look sophisticated.


Durability of utmost importance when creating the most recommendable activewear clothing piece. You will perform squats, yoga poses, running and lifting with these on, so it is a requirement that they fit comfortably and will last you a long time. Our stylish activewear clothing pieces and are built from the finest materials and are made with a heart for you. Your experience with our products drives us to show up every day and do our best to improve our processes to bring all women more quality clothing pieces you will love to wear from studio to street.

Stellar Community

Here at Cleopatra VII, we’re not only reaching out to those who want quality women’s activewear pieces, but we’re also building a solid community of passionate and dedicated women who strive to be the best version of themselves. We see your needs, and we’re dedicated to helping you rise above the challenges and be your best self.

Exceptional Customer Care

When you work with us, expect to receive special treatment. We love to make you feel like you’re our number one customer always. Believe it or not, we think of you and your experience with our brand each and every single day we show up for work.
Our goal here is to create the most compelling customer experience before, during, and after your purchase.

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